End EMR Dangers


Electronic Pollution Is Primary Threat?
- I've been very surprised to learn that electrical sources of pollution are probably the most pressing danger to humanity and all life on Earth. By electronic pollution I mean electromagnetic radiation transmitted in increasing density worldwide by military, police and civilian electronic technology. Sources of transmission include the military's HAARP antenna array in Alaska, satellites, EM weapons now being used in Iraq etc, microwave and RF radiation from cell phones, cordless phone bases, computer routers, microwave towers, radio stations and other wireless communication equipment and devices, including next-generation biochip implants. Cell phones seem to be currently the most dangerous of these, especially for preteens and teens. Cordless phones and routers are probably the next most dangerous for the general public in our homes and workplaces. Living or working near transmitters is another serious hazard.

- Where have the bees, insects, birds & frogs gone? Cell phones use microwave radiation transmitted from microwave towers. What effects do microwaves have on wildlife?
1. See "Wildlife Endangered by EM Radiation", by Paul Doyon:

2. Another source has papers about possible effects of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone base stations on birds in the wild. If insects disappeared, they emphasised, so would insect-eating birds, moles and many other animal species. "Results obtained so far show that urbanisation is having a major effect on insect biodiversity," said Clark.
3. Here is an article in a German newspaper (in 2004) showing very clear evidence that the microwaves are indeed the cause of the bees' disappearance:

4. Tens of millions of birds are disappearing across North America. The issue with birds is very serious. A couple of years ago the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reported that sparrow populations in London had dropped by 70 percent in the last decade. They had no real explanation, and did not mention microwaves, but that decade of course saw an explosion of cellphone towers across the landscape. I just checked, they're reporting now that dozens of bird species are facing extinction: http://www.rspb.org.uk/news/details.asp?id=tcm:9-178942
5. See "The Urban Decline of the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus ): A
Possible Link with Electromagnetic Radiation", by Alfonso Balmori and Örjan Hallberg: http://www.livingplanet.be/Balmori_and_Hallberg_EBM_2007.pdf
6. See "Mobile Phones & Vanishing Birds" http://www.i-sis.org.uk/MPVB.php
7. See "The disappearance of frogs with the increase in ambient microwave radiation", by Balmori (2006). "The incidence of electromagnetic pollution on the amphibian decline: Is this an important piece of the puzzle?" Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry.

- This is what happened in the tobacco industry. There is another cover up going on, this time with the health effects of microwave radiation emitted from cell phone towers, digital cordless phones, baby monitors and WiFi. It's a scandal that WiFI is being put into schools. This will result in the same exposure inside the class as if there were a phone tower right outside the building, per www.timesonline.co.uk .
- In the 1990s, Dr. Carlo was given a $28-million grant from the cell phone industry to put an end to the talk that cell phones were hazardous to your health. Unfortunately, what he found was not what he’d been paid to find. Instead, he discovered that they DO, in fact, cause damage.
- The cell phone industry offered him a position for $1 million a year to silence him, but he refused, and started a non-profit institute called The Safe Wireless Initiative to inform the world of this danger instead.
- Dr. Carlo says, taken together, EMR is the only explanation that makes sense regarding the disappearing bees: the timing is correct – the problem has occurred primarily within the past [few] years ... when we have nearly tripled the background level of information carrying radio waves; the pattern is global, so that suggests a cause that is globally present; there is at least one peer-reviewed study that supports it, and there is a mechanism documented that lends biological plausibility. - Dr. George L. Carlo, Science and Public Policy Institute - http://www.sppionline.org

- Amy Worthington, The Idaho Observer, 6-9-6, http://idaho-observer.com
- The burgeoning wireless infrastructure consists of tens of thousands of gargantuan communications towers, hundreds of thousands of very small WiFi transmitters and an ever growing network of tiny bucket sensors being systematically mounted in and on nearly everything in our environment. They all generate radio frequency/microwave radiation in kilohertz, megahertz or gigahertz. With thousands of commercial and military satellites blasting additional microwaves at the earth, humanity now swims in an invisible but dense sea of toxic electromagnetic, cancer-causing, brain-altering frequencies that are nearly impossible for laymen to assess and monitor.
- Both our polar ice caps are rapidly melting and our winters are growing more dangerously warm every year.(10) Our world is water based. Microwaves agitate and heat water molecules. The U.S. military has increased to 180 the number of HAARP microwave transmitters used to actually boil the ionosphere - the electrically charged layer just above the Earth's atmosphere.(11) Tons of metallic salt particles, including barium, have been dumped into the atmosphere by chemtrail projects for the last 8 years.(12) Barium heats and dries the atmosphere, inducing drought. If the military uses such chemtrail particles to augment over-the-horizon radar technology,(13) would not these aerosols also be useful for wireless commercial and police communications? It is surely no coincidence that the lunatic HAARP project, pestilential chemtrails, the explosion of wireless technology and runaway global warming have all burst onto the scene simultaneously - within the last 15 years. Our biosphere has become a gigantic microwave oven.
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- Modern cellphones and PCS devices run about 6/10ths of a Watt output when transmitting on high power. This is pretty puny, but the long term effect of holding it to the side of your head can be measured. Wireless routers and such around your home do radiate RF in that 2.4 GHz range, albeit with very low outputs, as you don't want to give away free internet service to all your neighbors.
- Personal radio devices may indeed be responsible for numerous illnesses today, but there is a far more insidious cause: law enforcement two-way mega-radios. Yep, our friends the police (or better yet, Homeland Security) are saturating every metro nowadays with more and more very high power radio systems operating on new proprietary-licensed wavelengths. Take a look at an average cop car, count the antennas. They are replete with on-line computers with high-speed data transfer, vehicle location systems, radio repeater systems for when the officer is out of the car, just to name a few of the technologies. Transmitters in every car using hundreds of Watts of power, roving your neighborhood, 24/7.
- Then comes the radio base stations, usually in a city hall or police station. Some work through repeater systems located far away, maybe atop mountains. These state-of-the-art radio systems usually run continuously, designed differently than the old push-to-talk radios of Mayberry, RFD. The power levels used make your phone look like a sparkler compared to an atom bomb. This IS a problem, and I cannot see any relief. Cellphones are just business; you can beat them in court. The law is a different story; protest too loudly and wind up in Gitmo.
- And just when you thought it might be safe to go outside your shielded, radio-proof home, look at the extremely high-powered radars used by the FAA and the National Weather Bureau. They scan you and yours, everywhere in the country, all day every day.
- All digital cordless phones emit radiation from the base unit 24/7, whether or not on a call. The resulting levels in the house are the same as if there were a microwave tower outside the house. The safest way to make a call is to revert to a phone with a cord. See www.emfields.org - http://www.safewireless.org - http://www.powerwatch.org and Products at http://mercola.com and http://cellphoneguardian.com.
- Studies have shown that DNA breaks can occur as far as 10 meters [over 30 feet] from a cell phone, so using a headset only helps to reduce the amount of DNA damage. Brain waves (EEG) are altered from 90 meters away [! almost 300 feet], per studies by Dr. L. Von Klitzing from Lübeck, Germany.